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Hades: Heart-Seeking Bow Builds [All Aspects]

Four powerful builds to cut through Hades like a hot knife through butter. One build for each aspect of The Heart-Seeking Bow.

Postknight 0

Postknight 2 (Early Access) Review

I read once that there’s a hierarchy of video game platforms. It goes like this: PC gamers look down on console gamers, console gamers look down on handheld gamers and everyone looks down on mobile gamers. Kurechii completely upends that hierarchy with their lovingly crafted mobile games. Postknight 2, even in early access, is no exception.

Fallout 0

Charming Commando Chemist Build: Fallout 4

There’s nothing quite like the raw power and fun factor of automatic weapons. This Fallout 4 build isn’t just about brawn though. You’re also going to be smart and charming.

Zombies 0

The Giant – Easy Round 1 to 20 Setup Strategy Guide (Black Ops 3 Zombies)

Black Ops 3 The Giant video walkthrough and step by step text guide to turning on the power, reaching Pack a Punch, finding Perk a Colas and the best spots to camp and train.