Being a Postknight isn’t just about delivering mail and fighting Robblins. It’s also about the friendships you make along the way. In Kurechii’s latest series instalment – Postknight 2 – the adorable Bond Characters ( aka Dateables/Love Interests) system makes a return.

As in the first game you can curry favour with your Bond Characters of choice by gifting them items that you collect on your mail delivery adventures. All items aren’t favoured equally though, with some being downright disliked. Others will send your dateable into a frenzy of gratitude and increase their heart meter. By deepening your relationships you not only unlock story events and cute memories, but also receive a steady stream of valuable gifts in return.

The below guide will be updated as more characters are added to the game and the listings for each character will be expanded as new item preferences are discovered.


  • Birthday: June 6th.
  • Height: 156 cm.
  • Description: A kind-hearted girl looking to help others, even in the smallest of ways.
  • Likes: Books, Juices, The Sea.
  • Dislikes: Earrings, Beer, Honey.

Gifts that Pearl Loves

Gifts that Pearl Likes

Jasper: Postknight 2 Gifting Guide

  • Birthday: April 1st.
  • Height: 177 cm.
  • Description: A fired-up fighter, training to become the all mighty Future Star Brawler.
  • Likes: Furs, Fire, Meat.
  • Dislikes: Plants, Doubt, Losing.

Gifts that Jasper Loves

Gifts that Jasper Likes


  • Birthday: November 19th.
  • Height: 170 cm.
  • Description: A music-lover hoping to find a home, where her true self is accepted.
  • Likes: Music, Sweets, Fluff.
  • Dislikes: Cloth, Hunters, Silence.

Gifts that Morgan Loves

Gifts that Morgan Likes


  • Birthday: August 10th.
  • Height: 172 cm.
  • Description: A troubled kleptomaniac, struggling to let go of his past.
  • Likes: Shiny items, Robust Items, Spices.
  • Dislikes: Fruits, Fluff, Cute Stuff.

Gifts that Flint Loves

Gifts that Flint Likes


  • Birthday: March 15th.
  • Height: 178 cm.
  • Description: A once sheltered noblewoman who wishes to see the world with her own eyes.
  • Likes: Tea, Wine, Travel.
  • Dislikes: Flowers, Beer, Cheap Items.

Gifts that Amethyst Loves

Gifts that Amethyst Likes


Chris from Postknight 2
  • Birthday: October 8th.
  • Height: 168 cm.
  • Description: A wilful lumberjack who loves his unchanging traditional hometown.
  • Likes: Greens, Traditions, Violetfair.
  • Dislikes: Meat, Travel, Change.

Gifts that Chris Loves

Gifts that Chris Likes


Katrina from Postknight 2
  • Birthday: December 3rd.
  • Height: 152 cm.
  • Description: An avid fan of mischief and fun, who aspires to be like her animal-caring idol.
  • Likes: Jokes, Animals, Senna.
  • Dislikes: Books, Boredom, Duty.

Gifts that Katrina Loves

Gifts that Katrina Likes


  • Birthday: July 17th.
  • Height: 166 cm.
  • Description: A brilliant researcher who feels limited by his absent-mindedness.
  • Likes: Crystals, Snacks, Research.
  • Dislikes: Fish, Noise, Forgetfulness.

Gifts that Xander Likes

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    • Hi Merichuu,

      I’m still working on getting this info and getting all the images to update the guide. But to help you out in the meantime, this is the likes/dislikes I’m aware of for Chris and Katrina so far:


      Loves: Darkberry Parfait, Lovamber, Spicy Sweets

      Likes: Bloodbloom, Evercherry, Foresight Fruit, Globesoul, Granola, Muffins, Invigoroot, Kuroot, Leaflets, Low Mallow, Puffwort, Ringtail, Sage, Sunblaze, Tuffler Horn, Valley Bells, Zephrite, Maple Log, Treeheart, Walnut Log.


      Loves: Bag of Bloops, Darkberry Parfait, Nice Cream Strudel, Energy Pop

      Likes: Bronze Bar, Bushworm, Fidget Star, Flowings, Globesoul, Glowshell, Hexascale, Leaflet, Lovamber, Puffwort, Rose Wine Steak, Silver Bar, Spicy Sweets, Tuffler Bacon, Whipped Drill, Zephrite, Dire Fur, Kuroot, Moulten Tail, Ringtail, Tuffler Horn, Puff Tuft, Sunblaze

      • Hi Zaya, do you mean he doesn’t seem to like it because he looks stressed and says something like “what are you thinking!? I don’t deserve this!”. Because if so, that’s just Flint’s odd way of showing he likes something sometimes. The way to tell if he liked it is to check the item screen next time you go to give him something. Any items you’ve previously given him will have a small emoji face on it. 😀 means he loved it, 🙂 means he liked it, and 😐 means he didn’t like it. Please check the emoji over Glowshell next time you go to gift to Flint and let me know the outcome 🙂

    • Do you happen to know what the salamanders or pipops like? I know it’s a slightly different category, but if you have any information I’d be really grateful!!

      • Hi Kao, I don’t know what the pipops like unfortunately, but I can tell you what my Salamander pet likes:

        Loves: Durian Fruit

        Likes: Darkberry Parfait, Energy Pop, Evercheer Tea, Foresight Fruit, Granola Muffins, Bronze Ore, Silver Ore, Gold Ore, Tingletoe

      • As far as I’ve noticed, each pets’ favorite food is the one that comes from where they’re encountered. The Salamander loves Durian Fruit, which is sold in Pompon, where Salamanders are encountered. The Tanuchi’s favorite food is Nuts and Raisins, which is sold in Violetfair, where Tanuchi’s are encountered. The only exception I’ve noticed is the Blooplet, who’s favorite food, Clam Chow, you buy from Trader Adrian

    • Hi ukasyah, unfortunately because Xander is currently capped at only one love heart, I don’t have a lot of info about his preferences. This is all I have so far:


      Likes: Crichip, Quadrune

      I’ll keep updating this comment as I find more and when I have a bunch I’ll update the guide with images etc.

  1. Morgan REALLY loves ‘Energy Pop’. It has a 😀 emoji instead of just 🙂 and seems to give extra points. Might be another tier of items?

    • Thanks Veidi! I’ll add that one in 🙂 If they have a 😀 face it means they “love” it and if it’s just a 🙂 face it means they only “like” it. 😐 means neutral/dislike.

    • Hi Bonheir, you’re not alone. Amethyst is currently locked at 1 heart for everyone. My understanding is that the devs are currently working on adding in the rest of her relationship arc.

      • After some experimenting, and using some obvious clues, I’ve figured out most of the special gifts for each character. Specifically, the gifts that occasionally appear in the shops;

        Pearl – Already know it’s the book

        Flint – Fidget Star

        Morgan – Harp (can’t remember it’s full name)

        Jasper – Woolly Comforter

        Amethyst – Map of Kurestal

        Chris – Crystal Tree

        Katrina – Griffin Egg

        Xander – Ganderlens (also can’t remember the in-game name)

        As for the Sanguin Doll and the Lightning Quill, I still haven’t figured out who they’re best for

        P.S. As far as I can tell, giving them one of these items is worth a full heart. It might be because of the rarity, or possibly something else, but everytime I gave them one of these, I got the next relationship event

  2. Jasper only just likes dire fur. (Only 🙂 next to it) I’m still trying to find something else he loves. So I have more than one gift.

  3. I’ve definitely noticed my Jasper doesn’t like love fur, so it might vary on what properties an individual likes on a given game. There are a couple other marked as loves that were only like or ambivalent on my own. Playthrough

  4. With the new update, Xander and Amethyst can go above one heart. Also, Xander seems to love Granola Muffins, they increase the meter by half a heart. Thank you so much for the list!

  5. So I noticed you’re lacking info for Xander, here’s some stuff I got from the discord server when I asked:

    violetfair parfaits
    Xander loves the granola muffins and regalle toast

    This screenie was also provided

  6. Hi there guys! i have some new discovery for each NPC’s of what they like and love. (I’ll add the others later cause I gifted them already)

    Flint Likes: Chaos core, dull core, Golden ale, and gold bar.
    Morgan Likes: Ruxus Rations, Lovamber and Granola muffin.
    Jasper Likes: Hot cocoa float (Loves it with an icon big smile), Caspid honey, and Energy pop.

  7. Hi guys!
    I’m currently filling all Npc’s gift of what they like, loves, and hate. I’ll share some findings/discovery that this post doesn’t have yet.

    Jasper likes: Hot cocoa float (He loves it), Energy pop, caspid honey, and Sun blaze (He loves it)

    Morgan likes: Ruxus Ration, Caspid honey, Lovamber, and Granola muffin.

    Flint likes: Gold bar, Golden Ale, Chaos core, and Tainted core.

    Pearl likes: Golden basil, Frozen fir log, Nice cream strudel, and Lightning quill.

    Chris likes: Barley Water (He loves it), Treeheart, and Regalle Toast.

    Katrina likes: Spicy Sweets, and Caspid Honey(She loves it)

    Amethyst likes: Golden Ale, Darkberry parfait,, Nice cream strudel, Hot cocoa float, and Crystabit.

    Xander Likes: Regalle Toast (He loves it), Crystabit, Chaos core, and Spicy sweets.

    Thank you for reading this and i’ll be continuing completing gifting NPC’s.
    Have a lovely day!

  8. Morgan really likes the Harp. I don’t know the full name of it, but I know it is a purple rarity item purchased from the trader or a merchant.

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