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Postknight 2 Secret Achievements: How To Get Them All

Postknight 2, – the “magic and mail” mobile RPG from Malaysian development studio Kurechii – is a lot of things: cute, fun, full of surprisingly heart-wrenching stories. It’s also a joy for achievement hunters, thanks to the players’ Journal with multiple categories of achievements to collect. This joy can turn to frustration at times however when it comes to the […]

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Postknight 2 Review

Postknight 2, fresh out of Early Access on December 2nd, continues the Malaysian development studios lineage of excellence with a game that offers a mountain of varied content, finely tuned systems and even a deep lore underpinning its world. Even if you’re not a “mobile gamer”, this is one to try out if you love role playing games and adorable things.

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