Postknight 2 Secret Achievements: How To Get Them All

Written by Jazz Andrews

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December 6, 2021


The whole point of the secret achievements are to encourage you to explore the game and experiment. If you’ve only just started out on your Postknight 2 journey, we recommend giving them a go on your own. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with asking for a little help when you need it, so if you feel you’ve already tried the best you could and you need some assistance then read on.

Postknight 2, – the “magic and mail” mobile RPG from Malaysian development studio Kurechii – is a lot of things: cute, fun, full of surprisingly heart-wrenching stories. It’s also a joy for achievement hunters, thanks to the players’ Journal with multiple categories of achievements to collect.

This joy can turn to frustration at times however when it comes to the 8 secret achievements in the mysterious purple secret achievement book. Unlike the achievements in the other journals, the secret achievements are hidden until a player stumbles across them. If you’ve been doing a lot of stumbling and not much finding then this guide will help point you in the right direction.

Without further ado, scroll down to see the secret journal revealed!

Postknight 2 Secret Achievements

Postknight 2 Secret Achievements


Chase birds 500 times.

This one is simple enough. It’s just time consuming. Most people will unlock this over time in the normal course of gameplay. If you want to speed run it, try sprinting backwards and forwards in Caldemount, which seems to have more birds than some areas.

Close Shave

Clear 1 route with dangerously low health.

This one can be a bit more tricky. For some people, they’ll unlock it by chance as they play through the game. If you’re chasing this one down though you might find it useful to go back to an earlier area in the game than your current one, where the enemies only do minor damage. Then try playing through different trails, not blocking any of enemy attacks until your health gets low.

You may need to experiment with either going back a trail or two or picking a later one, until you find a trail that lines up with your health bar pretty closely – i.e. if you go AFK and let your character walk through it on your own you only just finish the level or die just before the end. Once you’ve found this trail, experiment with blocking some attacks or getting hit by more to try and end up with only a sliver of health at the end. You need around 2% of your health left for this achievement to proc.

Mopping Up

Defeat a Treasure Blooplet.

This is another tricky achievement. There’s not much you can do to make it more likely to occur, other than to always play each trail three times. This is because it’s on the third run of a patrol that a Blooplet is most likely to appear.

Can’t Touch This

Dodge 5 times in a row.

This achievement seems to be fairly easy to proc. If you’re having trouble doing it, try wearing the Elastic Set armour from Maille which gives a 20% buff to dodge, and play through the Pompon patrols where a large number of ranged enemies give you plenty of opportunity to dodge.

Avid Supporter

View the credits.

The 2nd easiest achievement. All you need to do is click on the gear icon at the top of the screen and then navigate to the credits. Just by watching the credits for the first time, you’ll get the achievement. Plus you’ll get to appreciate all the artists and devs who put so much work into the game!


Keep fast travel menu open for 7 seconds.

Winning 1st place in the easiest achievement award is “Indecisive”. Simply hold down the move button on screen and keep the fast travel wheel open for 7 seconds.

For The Taste

Eat Granola Muffin at full HP.

Everyone loves Granola Muffins and now you’ve got another reason to eat one. Probably one more than you need to, but hey, you get an achievement out of it!


Replace food buffs.

While you’ve got one food effect in place – e.g. say you’ve just eaten some Caspid Stew – eat something else before the buff runs out – e.g. some Tuffler Bacon. The effect from the second food will replace the buff from the first and you’ll get a nice shiny achievement for your troubles.

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