Chicky Duo: All Achievements Guide

Written by Jazz Andrews

Hey there, I'm Jazz! a marketing specialist, crochet enthusiast, meditation enjoyer, beginner rock climber and fellow human being, just like you. I don't play video games anymore, but I'm keeping this guides up for anyone they may be useful for. Have fun out there 🙂

April 18, 2021

Chapter 4: Detour

Chapter 4 Achievements

  • Reaching Pichin’: That’s a familiar creature in the sky.
  • Peaceful Mind: Some things are btter when they don’t fly.
  • Healthy Bones: Nothin’ like some ol’ good calcium.
  • Babysitter: A career path to consider?

Reaching Pichin’

With a cute nod to Kurechii‘s first game – Reachin’ Pichin – this achievement is easily triggered if you have a keen eye for background detail. When you first tap on little chick to wake it up, in the background in the upper right area of the screen you’ll see a tiny Pichin flying skyward in the distance. Click it before it flies off screen and you’ll nab the achievement.

Peaceful Mind

Sick of the buzzing fly sound in this stage? You can get rid of it by tapping the flies that you’ll find pestering the sleeping cow. When you’ve tapped both you’ll get a reprieve from their infernal buzzing as well as another achievement for your collection.

Healthy Bones

I triggered this one by accident when I first played the level. When you’ve dropped the bale of feed into the cow pen and the awake cow starts eating you can milk it. If you click directly on the cow’s udder, rather than first clicking on the dish to collect the milk with, big chick will drink the milk and you’ll get the Healthy Bones achievement.


This was another one I triggered by accident as I struggled to figure out what I was actually supposed to be doing to finish the level. To get this achievement, take the bowl of milk all the way over to the calf and feed it without forcing it to move anywhere. If you do this three times in a row you’ll get the Babysitter badge.