Chicky Duo: All Achievements Guide

Written by Jazz Andrews

Hey there, I'm Jazz! a marketing specialist, crochet enthusiast, meditation enjoyer, beginner rock climber and fellow human being, just like you. I don't play video games anymore, but I'm keeping this guides up for anyone they may be useful for. Have fun out there 🙂

April 18, 2021

Don’t let the adorable animation and country charm fool you, Chicky Duo is no walk in the park. While the point-and-click puzzler may seem aimed at a younger demographic at first glance, once you try playing it you’ll quickly find that the puzzles actually take a fair bit of thought. Some of them took me long enough to figure out that I found myself searching online for tips from other players. When I realised there wasn’t currently anything like that online, I decided that thought putting this guide together would be a useful endevour.

Chapter 1: What’s in an egg

Chapter 1 Achievements

  • Burn Out: Next time, don’t play with the switch.
  • Peekaboo: Hide-and-seek on the Farm.
  • Perfect Landing: Smooth and crack-free eggs are the best.
  • Shuffle Around: Finish the Make Way puzzle without removing any eggs.

Burn Out

This one’s simple enough. Just click the light switch on and off repeatedly like your parents always told you not to do. Keep going until the light bulb breaks and the switch no longer works.


Tap upside down bucket.

Tap on the bucket on the right hand side of the room to reveal a hidden creature.

Perfect Landing

Hop along from your starting position to the stack of hay on your left. Tap it once and a small patch of hay will fall down to the ground below you. Tap it again and another piece of hay will fall down, revealing a chicken underneath. You can now tap below you to drop down onto the hay for a perfect landing.

Shuffle Around

The key is rolling the jar.

I’m not proud to admit that this one took me a long time to figure out. The key was when I realised that you can roll the brown jar upwards if you create room above it. Once this piece of the puzzle was figured out everything else fell into place. Watch the video above to see how the puzzle is solved.