The Giant – Easy Round 1 to 20 Setup Strategy Guide (Black Ops 3 Zombies)

Written by Jazz Andrews

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January 4, 2021

Black Ops 3 The Giant is a remake of Der Riese, which appeared in both World at War and the first Black Ops game. Compared to some of the later, more complex maps, the Giant is fairly easy. Even so, a smart early round strategy can have a big impact on your chances of survival later on. With that in mind, I hope this step-by-step guide through the first 20 rounds helps you set yourself up for a good shot at a high round run.

Rounds 1 to 3

  • In round 1, empty a full clip of the pistol (8 shots) into the legs of each zombie before knifing them. This will give you 10 points for each hit marker and 130 points for the knife kill for a total of 210 points per zombie.
  • If you don’t get a Max Ammo by the end of round 1 you’ll probably be out of pistol ammo by the start of round 2. Double knife each zombie in round 2. If you don’t get a Max Ammo by the end of round 2 you can buy yourself a Sheiva or an RK5. I was lucky and got a Max Ammo in this playthrough so could stick with the pistol.
  • Near the end of round 3 unlock the left-hand side door out of the starting area (left if you’re facing away from the Pack a Punch machine), then unlock the door almost immediately to your right, turn left once you enter that building and grab the Kuda off the wall. The Kuda will serve you well for quite a while and is especially useful thanks to it’s high mobility.
  • Head down to the end of the hallway where the GobbleGum machine and fiery window are, kill the remaining zombies and get ready to camp here for at least a round or so.

Rounds 4 to 10

  • Once you’ve stopped to camp at the end of the fiery hallway for a little bit, remove the debris in the stairwell behind you and  head up to the first landing. Quickly duck outside here to check what Perk a Cola is in this location, then head upstairs bridge, which will be raised at this point.
  • Drop down to ground level and turn the power on. 
  • Leave the gate behind the power switch locked at this point until you’ve bought a few perks and are ready to camp up on the boardwalk. You can easily camp here until level 10 and if you get overrun can train in this spot pretty easily.
  • At the end of each round, try to leave one or two zombies alive so you can run around the map unlocking doors, buying Perk a Colas and connecting up the teleporters to the mainframe. 
  • If you find the Mystery Box, get yourself a decent weapon, but keep in mind that we’ll be buying a wall weapon near our camping spot up on the boardwalk so you only need to get yourself setup with one good box weapon.

Rounds 11 to 20

  • If you haven’t already, open the gate behind the power switch and head into the boardwalk room (connect up the teleporter and grab the Perk a Cola from the sideroom).
  • Buy the KN-44 off the wall near the base of the stairs. While this isn’t the best assault rifle in the game, it’s not bad and can hold its own in the early to mid levels, especially when Pack a Punched. But the main reason we’re getting it is so you can easily drop down from the boardwalk and replenish your ammo if you get unlucky with Max Ammo drops and need to replenish in a hurry.
  • Head up the stairs and camp at the end of the boardwalk. You can now basically camp here all the way to level 20. Once you’ve saved up at least 5k to 15k points (which won’t take long in this spot), head back to the mainframe to Pack a Punch your gear. I’d aim to double Pack a Punch both guns into their Thunder Wall, Fireworks or Turned variations.
  • Keep on camping on the boardwalk and heading out between rounds to get new guns from the box if you want to try them out and Pack a Punch them. Other than that you’re now setup to stay in this spot to at least round 30. After that, you’ll want to switch to a train strategy.