Chapter 3: The Great Outdoors

Chapter 3 Achievements

  • Lost and Found: Oh look, you found a lost poster!
  • Musical Birds: Mary has a lamb, but there aren’t any here.
  • Twice Outdoor: Finish the level twice with different solutions.
  • Boo: The farmer should get a new scarecrow.

Lost and Found

Musical Birds

Play “Mary had a litttle lamb” on the birds.

This one will be a lot easier for anyone who’s every played the song “Mary had a little lamb” on recorder or piano (or some other primary school music class instrument). Even if you haven’t, you can watch the video above and follow the steps. The three grey birds on the bottom left of the screen are your notes. Use them to play the tune and you’ll unlock the achievement.

Twice Outdoor

Plug in the appliance to vibrate the bucket closer to the table’s edge.

The first half of the stage will be the same no matter which ending you choose. Follow the steps in the video above to move to the second half of the stage:

  1. Walk close to the dog to trigger the though bubble with the bucket.
  2. Shake the table leg to make the plug fall down.
  3. Attach the plug to the socket to turn on the appliance and vibrate the bucket closer to the edge of the table.
  4. Shake the table leg again, which will this time knock the bucket down.
  5. Sit inside the bucket and walk past the dog to meet up with big chick.
  6. Climb up big chick onto the hay bale and then put the big green bucket on big chick.
  7. Both chicks will now walk back past the dog.
Ending 1
Complete the water pipe with the meter in the green.

In both endings, the first thing you need to do is tap the bird on the roof of the shed, who will then fly down to drink the water near the dog. If you go talk to the bird it will offer to distract the dog for you with the ball, in return for giving it water. You then walk over to the water pump and complete the pipe puzzle.

The first ending is achieved by completing the water pipe going first up and then to the right. This will include three cracked pipe segments which will keep the water pressure gauge in the green.

Pipe layout for ending 1.
Ending 2
This time push the pressure meter into the red zone.

Ending two involves the same first initial steps, the only difference is that you complete the pipe puzzle moving first right and then up. This means the completed water line will only have one cracked pipe segment which will increase the water pressure into the red zone and lead to a different ending.

Pipe layout for ending 2.


Just click the scarecrow.

To trigger this achievement simply tap the scarecrows in the distant field on the top right hand corner of the screen.

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