Chicky Duo: All Achievements Guide

Written by Jazz Andrews

Hey there, I'm Jazz! a marketing specialist, crochet enthusiast, meditation enjoyer, beginner rock climber and fellow human being, just like you. I don't play video games anymore, but I'm keeping this guides up for anyone they may be useful for. Have fun out there 🙂

April 18, 2021

Chapter 2: Moving out

Chapter 2 Achievements

  • Apple Shake: Gravity at work. Sort of.
  • Sneaky Bait: Food is not easy to come by.
  • No Maze Too Small: Finish the ant maze puzzle by eating all the ants.
  • Chicks’ Day Out: It’s a good day to be out.

Apple Shake

Click tree repeatedly.

Much like the light bulb achievement in the first stage, this challenge simply involves repeatedly tapping something. In this case, an apple tree. Just keep tapping the big – middle – apple tree until an apple falls out and you’ll trigger the achievement.

Sneaky Bait

Repeat until achievement.

This achievement also took me a long time. Not because I couldn’t figure out the puzzle, but because – counterintuitively – I figured out the puzzle too quickly. Rather than sliding the rock over the hole on the left and sending the chicks to the hole on the right so that your friend can eat the worm, to trigger this one you need to chase the worm around between the holes repeatedly until the achievement is triggered. Basically, just keep NOT solving the puzzle and you’ll get it.

No Maze Too Small

Arrange arrows like this.

There’s more than one way to solve this puzzle. All you need to do is arrange the arrows so they follow a route out of the anthill that goes through every hole once. If you try to turn into a hole that you’ve already travelled through the walls will cave in on you. If you pause the video above in the first few seconds you can arrange the arrows like I have and your ant will collect all his friends on his doomed journey to certain death in the hungry beak of big chick.

Chicks’ Day Out

Cross log to escape.

You get this achievement for finishing the level. The basic steps to finish the level are to feed the big chick the work by blocking off the wormhole on the left with the rock, blocking off the wormhole on the right with the other chicks and then standing on the bottom wormhole yourself, forcing the worm to pop out of the hole directly in front of big chick, at which point you can tap the prompt to feed big chick. Then lead big invetsigate the fence post next to the water with little chick and it will get big chicks help in knocking it over.

After knocking the post over and forming a bridge, big chick will be so tired that it needs another worm. Walk over to the ant hill opening (where the fence post was that you just knocked over) and you’ll trigger the anthill puzzle. See section above for how to complete this puzzle. Once big chick is fed again you can now safely lead both chicks out of the yard. Direct little chick across the fence post bridge and big chick will follow you, walking through the water.